Soft Icecream Machine (ST16E)

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Made possible by exploring innovative molded plywood techniques, Iskos-Berlin’s Soft Edge Chair blends strong curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimensionality not usually possible with 2-D plywood.




The ST16E model is a type of soft serve ice cream machine commonly used in the food service industry.

It has a built-in consistency control system that ensures the ice cream is dispensed at the perfect temperature and texture every time.

  • Can produce up to 16 liters (4.2 gallons)
  • The Soft ice cream machine ST16E has an automatic cleaning cycle
  • It easy to clean and sanitize after use.
  • Embraco compressor
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • With gear motor and new design
  • Low noise and small size
  • Red,white and blue color are optional
  • Model : ST16E
  • Also available : Spaceman6240
  • Brand : Gelato
  • Made in China

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