Food Processor Machine

The Robot Coupe CL50 Food Processor Machine is equipped with 8 discs and a compact metallic bowl with a removable ABS lid. Featuring a large 121 cm² hopper and a cylindrical hopper, it offers versatile processing options. Powered by a 550W single-phase motor at 375 RPM, this reliable and efficient machine is ideal for any commercial kitchen

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Robot Coupe


Food Processor Machine Specifications

  • Model: CL50
  • Brand: Robot Coupe


  • Discs: 8 discs attached

Design and Build

  • Bowl: Compact and metallic
  • Lid: Made from ABS, removable
  • Bowl and Lid: Both are removable


  • Large Hopper: 121 cm²
  • Cylindrical Hopper: Included

Motor and Performance

  • Motor Base: 550W – Single-phase
  • Speed: 375 RPM

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 590 x 350 x 320 mm

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