Espresso Machine (Undici A3)

UNDICI is an elegant, compact and versatile device. Easy to use, adjust and maintain. UNDICI is made of steel and aluminum to guarantee the greatest robustness and reliability. UNDICI can be personalized with new precision LED buttons that make it even more user-friendly. UNDICI comes in three colors (black, white and red) and three varieties (semi-automatic, automatic and automatic raised, where cups up to 14.5 cm in height can be used). It is available in 1, 2 or 3 group versions.

11,900.00 AED 13,090.00 AED

Product details

Made possible by exploring innovative molded plywood techniques, Iskos-Berlin’s Soft Edge Chair blends strong curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimensionality not usually possible with 2-D plywood.




Coffee Machine Specifications

  • Model: Undici A3
  • Brand: Casadio
  • Made in: Italy

Key Features

  • Groups: 3 Groups Automatic
  • Operation: Auto Volumetric
  • System: Fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system for adaptability and high performance
  • Heat Exchange: Integrated heat exchange system
  • Controls:
    • Four-button programmable keypads
    • Button pads with LEDs
  • Steam Wands: Stainless steel steam wands
  • Hot Water Wand: 1 hot water wand
  • Body: Stainless steel

Additional Models

  • Also Available: Undici A1

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