Enhance your kitchen efficiency with the EMP.2000-SAG-R conveyor type dishwasher by Empero. Features automatic washing, drying tunnel, and stainless steel construction. Made in Turkey

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Model: EMP.2000-SAG-R

Brand: Empero

Type: Conveyor Type Dishwasher


The EMP.2000-SAG-R from Empero is a high-performance conveyor type dishwasher designed for large-scale professional kitchens. Manufactured in Turkey, this dishwasher features advanced functionality and robust construction, making it an essential asset for efficient kitchen operations.

Key Features:

  • Conveyor System: Equipped with a two-speed conveyor band, allowing for flexibility in operation speed.
  • Drying Tunnel: Includes a standard drying tunnel to ensure dishes come out ready to use.
  • Washing Motors: Features two powerful washing motors for thorough cleaning.
  • Automatic Operation: Fully automatic washing operation at 55°C and hot water rinsing at 80-85°C for optimal hygiene.
  • Safety: Comes with a magnetic security switch to ensure safe operation.
  • Construction: Made with stainless steel resistances and a stainless steel body for durability and long-lasting performance.

Additional Models Available:

  • EMP.1000F
  • EMP.500F

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